The Importance of Modern Video in Modern Dance

When I first ventured into the brave world of Dance, I noticed right away how numerous online work samples consisted so heavily of footage shot from the back of the stage, with teeny, tiny, miniscule figurines dancing in the darkness.
I sought to remedy this by shooting much closer, and emphasizing the facial expressions, muscle movement and a a low angle, aiming up. I believe all of these bring back the identity of the dance and replenishes much of the magic lost from a live to taped performance.
I could talk until I’m blue in the face, or I could simply show you what I’m trying to do.
In a nutshell, MANY dance companies want videographers and photographers to preserve their work for posterity.
-However, in terms of promotion, which is dire, full-length pieces do not work.
I’m trying to spread the word that short samples that showcase the dances, the emotion and the power of the piece are the future of Dance.
Filming the rehearsals and regularly posting on social media with updates is critical.
I truly believe that the days of taking pretty glamor shots of dancers are gone.
Now it’s about fun, personal, candid photos from instigram or facebook.
I also believe that gone are the days of filming performances from the back of the theatre.
What must happen is the emphasis of rehearsal footage.
This way, you get a taste of the performance, but not spoil the entire show, or the costumes, AND the camera is free to move around and get close to the Dancers. This gives you the feeling of immersion. A quality which commands the highest awe and true-to-life experience.
Few people talk about the video in Modern Dance. As a part of the marketing team at Dance Place, I have seen company videos come and go, and they are all submitted in the same, bland fashion.
I implore you to investigate yourself, and see that Dance must be filmed differently.
It hails from so many parts of the globe, and for it to be truly appreciated, for artists to maximize their growth, and receive the compensation they deserve, they must look to their video samples.(whether it be performance clips, rehearsal footage, or solo reels)
No glamor shot can do a dance justice. No still image can command the ascent of an idea or message conveyed by a choreographer.
Video can, and it is second only to being there. Which we ultimately can’t always be.
I get tremendous satisfaction in assisting the Dance Movement, because the art is an absolute beauty to me.
Please tell your friends, that Dance must catch up with technology.
It’s the only way Dance can expand in this age of social media and the instantaneous delivery of internet content.


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