From Ground Control to the Stars – Making Space Junk – Part 1

Part I of the chronicling of Erica Rebollar’s Space Junk.
This is preliminary draft, and the only way to see the entire 20 minute final version is to donate $50+ to the Space Junk Campaign, as it will appear on the exclusive DVD.


Videography/Editing/Photography/Design by David Dowling for IsItModern?

Additional Videography by Shannon Schwait
Additional Photography by Michael Butcher

Thanks to Ben Levine, Christopher K Morgan, Heather Doyle, Nate Bond, Yoko Feinman, Amber Jean, Kjerstin Lysne, Christopher K Morgan, CulturalDC, CityDance at Strathmore, USAarts, the Donors, The show attendees, Pamela Hsu, Sarah Chapin, Kate Folsom, Van Go, and many others!

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