Modern Moves Festival Highlights!

Check out some clips from the Modern Moves Festival presented by Dance Place at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. These shots come from the sold out Sunday, January 5th, 2014 show!

IIM? utilizes three distinct styles of filming dance.

1. Lock-down; A tripod (non-moving) shot from a distance used to capture everything.

2. Mid; A standing-view hand-held view at audience distance for a closer and more personal feel.

3. B-Camera close-up; This is the most complex angle, and our specialty. We do this like no one else does. It’s the closest zoom, which means not all of the dance get captured, as the focus is on facial expressions and intimate close-quarter movement. We have a S.O.P. for this perspective and hope to teach to more dance videographers some day.

This video was shot using the third style, with a lighter zoom.