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SUPPORT! is a new feature of Dancing in the District. It is a section to showcase funding ventures in the dance community!
The inaugural post is for RebollarDance’s Sacred Profane Hatchfund Campaign!

“Sacred Profane has been a two year process: the first year involved compiling research of human rights issues from around the world, reading feminist essays, and consulting with gender and postmodern performance studies leaders. Sacred Profane is a collaborative process, which furthers my artistic practice as it allows me new viewpoints and perspectives, as well as learning new approaches to dance making.
Sacred Profane involves 22 dancers and 6 additional collaborators (costume and lighting designers, videographer, stage manager, composer, and tech director), which at the very least involves $2,500 for services and materials. Much more than that is needed to purchase costumes, pay all 28 collaborators a minimum wage salary, and purchase set materials, costumes, publicity materials, so please donate as much as you can: it’s tax deductible!”

You can help support RebollarDance by donating here!

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