The film that birthed the website and review blog, Dancing in the District is a coming-of-age glimpses into the questions and personal viewpoints of local dancers. Shot on location in Washington, D.C., the hybrid project of video and dance, the mission of the film is to widen awareness of modern dance to a wider community, expose personal stories and insights of dancers in the DC area, and serve as a gateway to new audiences.

As modern dance continues to remain a mysterious and often misunderstood form, Dancing in the District aims to combat the marginalization of the modern dance community with the philosophy that media, particularly video, can make this dance form more accessible to all audiences.


David Dowling: Writer/Director

Briana Carper: Dancer/Choreographer/Writer

Yoko Feinman: Dancer/Choreographer/Writer

Daniel Carter: Dancer/Choreographer/Writer

Amanda Blythe: Dancer/Choreographer/Writer


Amanda Blythe

Briana Carper

Daniel Carter

Yoko Feinman

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