What’s on this website?

Dance, mostly!

In the form of Dance Films, Dance Performances and Dance Reviews!

What is Dancing in the District?

That’s a bit of a story! Read it here!

Can I put my show on this website?

As of this moment, every video appearing on DITD was filmed and/or directed by David Dowling. (all photos were taken by David Dowling)This website’s purpose is not to generate revenue but to generate awareness. This website will always be ad-free. The end goal is to maintain a Netflix-like platform specifically for dance that will link show teasers to full-length performances that will directly benefit and showcase the artists. There are so many great shows that only last a weekend, and DITD wants to see Artists get the most out of their hard work by crating a platform with easy accessibility. Consider DITD the neat, and curated wrapping paper on a virtual stage.

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Can you film my show?

We sure can!

Write us for availability and watch a video sample here!