What we hope to accomplish

in 2013 I started the Dancing in the District film series with intention of showing people what Modern Dance could be. Modern was never “scary” “strange” or “weird” to me. To me, it was always a medium that showcased. Seeing artists who held the uncanny ability to just release themselves for all the world to see. An uninhibited, unbridled expression of creativity, rebellion joy and protest. I established IsItModern?, a video production arm, to film these shows and Dancing in the District to focus on the Dance Films and individual artists.

Today, I hope to continue on the traditions of Dance Magazine‘s now defunct film section and unfortunately folded Dances Made To Order film festival. To make Modern accessible.

I believe the medium and its people can and should be lifted up.

Lastly but just as importantly, this site is by, and for progressives. This is a website for equality, pro-choice and reproductive rights. For the cause of BLM, LGBTQ+ and native peoples. We are artists here. Let our politics be known and heard.

David Dowling