David Dowling

Work Samples by David Dowling

To the right, please find two samples in .pdf form from my previous employment as the Director of Marketing at Joe’s Movement Emporium.
-The first is an EOY letter (ask) for parents of our Arts Education department students. I designed the letter and took the photos. I wrote, filmed and edited the accompanying video that was sent with the email blast. We also sent a scaled down version of the letter home with students and a modified version to donors and audiences.
-The second is just an organizational chart that I create in my jobs that help me visualize my positions. You can see the departments and names of the people I supervised and the departments I worked with. The smaller points are more future projects and ideas.
If you visit the Joe’s Movement Emporium website, I made everything from the banner video to the photos. You can see specific branding of mine with our Freedom Stories project, which I really enjoyed!

As a professional videographer, below is a short documentary I shot and edited with Christal Brown at The Kennedy Center at The Reach! (A terrific artist with important messages!) I specialize in interviews and making sure Artists feel comfortable to open up and be themselves. I love hearing people talk about their process and passions.