Review Staff

David Dowling – Founder/Director

Founder and Director of IsItModern? and has run the Dancing in the District dance review blog since 2012.

Luella Christopher – Lead Critic

Author of Pirouettes with Bayonets: Classical Ballet Metamorphosed as Dance-Drama and Its Usage in the People’s Republic of China as a Tool of Political Socialization, (Ph.D dissertation, School of
International Service, The American University, 1979, Washington, D.C. Archived at University of Michigan)

Sylvana Christopher – Critic

D.C. dancer, educator and choreographer. Sylvana co-founded Glade Dance Collective in 2009 which continues to thrive and currently directs SylviDances. Christopher studied performance and choreography earning a BFA from The Ohio State University with the mentorship of Nicole Stanton.