David Dowling (Founder) is the founder and Director of IsItModern? and has run the Dancing in the District dance review blog since 2012.

Luella Christopher (Lead Critic) is the author of Pirouettes with Bayonets: Classical Ballet Metamorphosed as Dance-Drama and Its Usage in the People’s Republic of China as a Tool of Political Socialization, (Ph.D dissertation, School of
International Service, The American University, 1979, Washington, D.C. Archived at University of Michigan)

Sylvana Juliet Christopher (Critic) is a D.C. dancer, educator and choreographer. She co-founded Glade Dance Collective in 2009 which continues to thrive and currently directs SylviDances. Christopher studied performance and choreography earning a BFA from The Ohio State University with the mentorship of Nicole Stanton. She has performed works by Holly Bass, Meisha Bosma, Lucy Bowen McCauley, Paul Emerson Gordon, Sarah J. Ewing, Nancy Havlik, Kate Jordan, Kelly King, Gesel Mason, Erica Rebollar, Juan Carlos Rincones, Melissa Saint Amour, Helanius Wilkins, and Cynthia Word. Her collaborators include Grace Cannon, Christopher Creese, Olivia Goldberg, Betsy Loikow, Maggie Lockhart, Taariq Muhammad, Althea Skinner, and Samantha Sobash. Christopher currently teaches children through Inner City, Inner Child, ClancyWorks Dance Company and Joy of Motion Dance Center.