SUPPORT! : RebollarDance

SUPPORT! is a new feature of Dancing in the District. It is a section to showcase funding ventures in the dance community! The inaugural post is for RebollarDance’s Sacred Profane Hatchfund Campaign! “Sacred Profane has been a two year process: the first year involved compiling research of human rights issues from around the world, reading … More SUPPORT! : RebollarDance

Rebollar Dance at THE CENTERSTAGE

Erica Rebollar/ Rebollar Dance at Modern Moves (co-sponsored by Dance Place) WHAT: Three of D.C.’s most prominent choreographers – Daniel Burkholder, Daniel Phoenix Singh and Erica Rebollar – come together to create an eclectic evening of thrilling and fascinating modern dance. FEATURING: A World Premiere choreographed by Daniel Burkholder called Acts of Arriving. September Sonnet … More Rebollar Dance at THE CENTERSTAGE

From Ground Control to the Stars – Making Space Junk – Part 1

Part I of the chronicling of Erica Rebollar’s Space Junk. This is preliminary draft, and the only way to see the entire 20 minute final version is to donate $50+ to the Space Junk Campaign, as it will appear on the exclusive DVD. Erica Rebollar/Rebollar Dance Videography/Editing/Photography/Design by David Dowling for IsItModern? Tweets … More From Ground Control to the Stars – Making Space Junk – Part 1