Maida Withers – DIGG
Maida Withers – DIGG
2018 1m

DIGG – a provocative excavation of the current political landscape. The homepage for DIGG and Maida Withers can be found here!

a fiercely intimate multimedia performance experience created and performed by pioneering dance artist Maida Withers – an excavation of the current political landscape revealing a kaleidoscope of emotions, antagonisms, and suspicions. In DIGG there is a union of dance, emphatic gesture, vocal music, video, and text. Experimental vocalists, Audrey Chen (Berlin) and Phil Minton (UK) perform “reality-piercing” vocals. A captivating installation by filmmaker Linda Lewett and photographer Diane Falk features surrealistic footage of dancers shot in the 14th Century Monastery on Solovky Island, Russia coupled with intriguing and provocative photographic creations by Falk. DIGG is framed by  Withers’ many tours and projects in Russia since 1996.

DIGG premiered in Washington DC at Dance  Placein a joint concert with Maida Withers, DC, and Kei Takei, Tokyo, February 10 & 11, 2018. DIGG is a sequel to Withers’ Thresholds Crossed (2006), a multimedia opus “A fusion of East and West that explores the events, ideology and humanistic issues that engage notions relative to current political climate and conflicts.”