The Kirov Academy of Ballet – Classical Holiday Performance 2014 – Act I
The Kirov Academy of Ballet – Classical Holiday Performance 2014 – Act I
2014 1h 28m

The following message from the Artistic Director Emeritus was included in the program for the preceding show. 

We welcome everyone to our Classical Holiday Performance with open arms filled with dreams of sugar plum fairies, handsome princes, and a whole vista of beautiful ballet dancers twirling and leaping for their dreams. 

It is at this time of the year, when we can look back and see the multitude of wonderful things to be thankful for, as well as, the bright lights of our accomplishments creating beauty to help the world become a better place for everyone to enjoy. This is a time to dance and sing in the New Year with its renewed promise of love, health and prosperity for all. 

When I dream of the future of the Kirov Academy of Ballet, I think of the children coming to the Academy as young students and leaving through the doors as well-trained and company-ready classical ballet dancers. The students in all levels have worked so diligently these past months and made great progress in their technique and dramatic expression. 

Most of the pieces of choreography you will see this evening composed the structure of the repertoire of the world-renowned Leningrad-Kirov Ballet Company, now known as The Mariinsky Ballet. At our beloved Kirov Academy of Ballet the legacy still moves forward with the same training and performance of the same repertoire as the great artists of the Russian Ballet who trained with the incredible pedagogue, Madame Vaganova. 

Please enjoy this evening watching our young, talented dancers as they perform for your pleasure this holiday season 2014. 

Warmest regards and safe travels……Happy New Year 2015!!!!! 

Adrienne Dellas 

Artistic Director 

Director: Adrienne Dellas
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